The Remuda Western Club was formed in 1966, the first club of it's kind in the UK.

It all began with a group of western enthusiasts who after being made to feel unwelcome at an English riding stables for adopting western dress and riding styles, decided to lease a piece of land, buy their own horses and form a club of their own. They took the name 'Remuda' from a Spanish word meaning 'a herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts'.

(Very early photo taken in 1966)

From these modest beginnings, these four founding members including Johnny Concho were asked to appear at a local convent to perform a wild west show. After a great success, it marked the beginning of a whole line of shows.

Since the first show, the club have become an outfit with an international reputation. Apart from performing at many fetes, fairs, carnivals and sports arenas across the UK, they have also appeared on many TV and radio shows. The club have been the subject of many newspaper and magazine articles and have even ventured into the world of films, one of which won many awards. Filmed entirely in Kent, using 
locations at an abandoned rock quarry and their own Ranch names 'The Circle R Ranch', they are currently scripting another and seeking funding.

(Group scene taken during the making of "Gundown")


("Cotton", one of the famous show horses. Sadly gone now, there will never be another like him)

After various health and safety rules were introduced in the mid 90's, the club sadly had to put an end to the wild west shows.

The club now continues to maintain the Circle R Ranch and look after the horses, as well as host various open days and fund raisers. There are also plans to introduce seasonal trail rides and regular weekend events as the number of members increase.


To stay updated with news, events and talk to others about becoming a member, please visit www.facebook.com/remudawesternclub.



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