Wed been neighboring on the Green for the last two weeks, Today would see the last of it next week wed be over to Bobs place. I was back working in Texas, for over three months now from England as I had been doing for the last six years. It was late in the afternoon when the last of the neighbors pulled out from the shipping pens. Leaving me and the boss, Ill call him Jack, closing gates and loading equipment in the pick up. It had been a long hard hot dusty day wed arrived just before sunup, Then at gathered and worked the Bishop pasture, It was a little after five in the afternoon, after loading the horses in the trailor we walked to the truck. I couldnt wait to get in that air conditioning. After all the time during the last 10 years or so Id put in out here, the heat still got to me. I opened the door and flopped on the seat and wedged the door open with my foot, so the heat of the day could get out while Jack got the truck fired up, and got the AC running. He got in and wearily sank back in the seat, Jack was one of the few cowboys Id worked with that loved air conditioning, which was great by me. More than a few just wont use it. He reached for the key and turned It., errr errrr errr , nuthin nada, zip, zilch, a big fat useless flat battery. He tried again errr even flatter, we looked at each other and stared in disbelief at the light switch it was all the way out , it had been on high beam since this morning he mashed it in and tried in vain again.. For those of you that have been there you know that stupid grain of hope that makes you keep trying. you know its no good, you even get religion and ask for help .But you know its no good. He tried a last time, the starter just did that clicking sound.
 We just looked at each other. then he got mad . He hit the steering wheel with the palms of his hands @******@**I CANT BELIEVE I DID THAT. Any ideas I asked. Not a one, he answered. You? I shook my head. Aint you got your cellphone ? I asked hopefully. He shook his head, Nah forgot to put the damn thing on charge last night. He raised an eyebrow looked at me and said that battery was flat too. We both started too laugh. How long you figure before Janet comes to look for us? Janet was his wife. Not for a few hours he said.That got a grunt from each of us. Well looks like we gotta ride back he said. Thats a two hour ride! I said. Yeah. he answered, I know. I looked at the lever on the AC unit it was on heat from this morning My mouth moved and I heard myself saying well I got one Idea. Whats that? he asked. Well, its just a thought I said, It probably wont work! Go on whats the idea? he asked. Well were on pretty flat ground here, and its all downhill just over that nub bout fifty foot or so away, Lets tow the truck with the horses and roll start it on the other side!His eyes widened as he looked at me in total disbelief, are you outta your @***&!! mind? I shrugged my shoulders, it could work, I answered . This is a 3-4 ton ford diesel truck, with a stock trailor hooked on back, wed never move it he answered. We could drop the trailor off I suggested Trying my best to sound hopeful. You think it could work? He asked. Yeah I think so, I heard myself saying trying to defend an idea even I thought was far fetched. Did ya ever try this over there in England, he asked. Nah we aint that stupid I grinned. Hell lets give it a whirl he said. We unloaded the horses and tightened the cinches and pulled everything with a buckle on it up tight and took down our ropes You wanna drop the trailor I asked. Nah lets give er a go like this first. Ya got me convinced But you said ,I started to say. Hell he grinned, I got a good feeling bout this. We walked the horses to the front of the truck and hooked our the ropes on the frame towing hooks there Aint no damn hook this side Jack said, its bin tore off. Ill hook it on the bumper.
 We got on board and drew up the slack and laid our spurs on. The horses took up the slack and heaved their hooves dug in as they pulled, I could feel my horse straining, I looked at Jack who was looking back at the truck the rope was cutting hard in my right leg the horses were stalled and that truck hadnt moved a damned inch I just started to say this aint working when the sharp edge of the bumper sliced thru Jacks rope. It snaked thru the air. That second in time occurred where everything stands still as that rope hissed thru the air and hit Jacks horses right in the ass not to the left, and not too the right, but dead centre, right in the butt crack. I recall that horse pitched about five times cos' I was watchin in slow motion Jack made it to three and sailed thru the air with the grace and style of a ballet dancing elephant. For anyone whos never seen someone get bucked off I can honestly say its one of the funniest things youll ever see. As his horse bucked off over that little nub of a hill he hit the ground with one of those thuds that you know knock the wind right outta you. I was laughing so hard I thought I was never gonna get another breath, tears were rolling down my face. Jack rolled over and looked at me with a shocked and embarrassed look. He groaned as he got to his feet and dusted himself down with his hat, damn goofy horse he cussed as he rubbed his butt. You gonna quit foolin around cos' I dont think I can do this on my own I gasped.




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