A few months back a bunch of us were down at the circle R ranch in Hildenboro Kent we was workin' horses and fixin' fence, not both together I hasten to add.

It was a real hot day one of the few of a pretty awful summer. By the time we got thru fixin’ fence it was getting to be late afternoon. Some of us saddled up and spent some time workin’ the horses around the corral. we had a new horse and I spent some time in the small pen putting in some time sacking the horse out.

My 11 year old grandson Tyler was watching and offering advice. He’s one of the funniest kids around, always has a smile on his face always getting up to boy stuff, never bored, he’s been riding about a year and is getting pretty darn good. He has his own horse a 14.3 sorrel mare called Chink’s she’s a good sort of horse but she has a habit of giving a little kick or a gentle buck when going from a trot to a lope. she’s caught him out a couple of times and he’s hit the floor a few times he’s never really hurt himself and has always bounced right back.

Granddad we gonna ride he asked. Sure I said just as soon as I get thru here.

A while later were both saddled up and foolin' around in the corral with a couple of the other guys. After a while we head out and ride around the pasture as were headed back up the hill we all break into a run and Chinks lets rip with her little buck. Kapow Tyler heads out the side door and lands smack on his head. We all stopped and I ran over to check on the little feller.His hat was crushed flat and he had a big ole tear in his eye that he was doing a pretty good job of holding back. Are you Ok I asked he nodded and said he thought he was ok. Where are you hurt I asked.? He was holding his head. Just bashed my head he answered. Does it hurt I asked again nope but I saw loads of stars he said that’s ok, I told him that usually happens when you land on your head. We laughed and I gave him a hug as I helped him back on his horse. We walked back to the corral, Grandad would you ride her he asked? Sure I said and jumped up on her and worked her around the corral a couple of times and cracked her into a lope and there she popped that little buck. I took her around a couple more times then headed out in the pasture with her. I was riding on Tyler’s saddle with his stirrup leathers set for him so I was riding with no stirrups. Qs we passed a big ole oak tree a rabbit decided I was time to go for a stroll. At a fast run right between her legs. Well she broke in two and commenced to throw a hissy bout the third jump I was headed out the side door and the ground came up too meet me I landed square on my head. I managed to un jam my hat in time to see Tyler come running from the corral, Are you ok granddad he called I nodded my head and answered yep I think so I landed on my head I added. Did you see stars, as well granddad ? he asked Yep I sure did I grinned. What color were they he inquired eagerly?

All different I answered

Same as my ones granddad same as mine ain't that funny

It sure is Tyler I said as he gave me a hug.




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