Did ya ever wake up feeliní great? Got a spring in your step, that first cup of coffee tastes great and you just feel on top of the world. Well thatís how it started. So I threw my saddle in the pick- up and headed for the ranch at Hildenboro, Got my stereo playiní Merle Haggard , My dogís on the seat next to me, and my get up and go cups full of hot black coffee Just feels great to be alive,

When I arrived at the ranch Iím the first there so I get the horses into the corral and saddle Cochise heís my roping horse and heís pretty slick gets kindaí in front of himself now and then but heís pretty good all round . Iím just killing time till the rest of the boys get here and we can get the herd in and sort them and ship three head to market. So here I am feelin pretty good riding around the herd got my rope down and Iím tossin heel loops and Iím makin every catch. Damn its a great day, Ain,t it funny when things are going great you just have to push it guess itís human nature you just have to find out how good your luck is. We got this bull heís called Long Time heís a four year old Hereford with a set of horns bout two foot wide and weighs in around two thousand straight backed and a real good lookiní sonofabitch. Heís real gentle for a bull as long as he Ain,t pissed off, then your best place around him is a long way off. As he ambled by me I looked at that set of horns all they lacked was a rope around them to make them perfect. Somebody musta dropped a mess of stupid on me cause I swear I donít remember tossin that loop but it dapped on those horns like it was meant to be there, that mess of stupid was workin real good cause I jerked the slack out of that rope and dallied off. Thatís all it took for a really great day to turn too shit . Now it dont take much working out that a nine hundred pound horse carrying a hundred and forty pound rider on a thirty five pound saddle dont quite even out too a two thousand pound bull. Especially when all thatís connecting you is thirty foot or so of half inch nylon rope, Now it wouldnít take much to let that dally off the horn and watch that bull amble off with that thirty dollar rope, But as my grandfather used to say you made your bed now you gotta lie in it. Now for you folks out there that dont rope the problem is how do you get the rope off the horns.

I tried riding up alongside the bull and reaching out to slip it off but no he wasnít haviní none of that sideís which Cochise has already decided that this ainít the greatest game in the world and starts sidesteppin around the bull. Well I get him quieted down and figure the best plan would be to get this whole mess up too the corral where Iíd have half a chance of gettin the bull in the small pen and gettin that rope off thru the fence. So I start to ease this waitin too happen wreck toward the corral which is about a half mile away. Bout thirty minutes later were movin along real nice and we topped out on this hill and I can see the corral and Iím thinkin this may just work out . wrong the gates shut and there is no way you can unlatch it horseback while holding a dally on the saddle horn. Plan two work the bull down the east fence line to the feed area come parking lot for the club which is about a mile a way. down a pretty steep grade I was wishin I had a plan three or four but there was,nt. Yeah I know I could still turn loose on those wraps around the horn but by god that Ain,t the cowboy way. The bull is acting real good as we head down that fence were just kind of sashaying along in no particular hurry and its going OK a little slow but what the heck , Iím just hoping I get this mess corrected before the other boys arrive . bout two thirds of the way down and I look to my left into our neighbours pasture. Thereís a few things in this life I have no time for , Shetland ponies is top of that list. Guess what our neighbour raises? Here come bout twenty of those worthless shortlegged stocky @+?/_{*^@ snortin and bucking and whinnying in that stupid way they do. They came at that fence line and headed south turning at the last second , That bull and I sure got one thing in common he hates em too, he lowered his head and charged that fence taking out a couplaí posts and thirty foot or so of that square stock fence heís got it caught up on his horns and turned and headed west . Iíve often wondered what the breaking strain of these nylon ropes is. That wire slipped off the bulls horns, straight past my horse who commenced too buck then turn north, it takes quite a while to write thisí it took about a second too find out that the breaking strain was, more than a two thousand pound bull can exert on, at best a thousand pound tryin to stop him, somethin had to give me and the horse hit the ground in a Rollin Ďthrashiní mess and commenced to tow us in his direction it musta bin a darn good dally cause it still held .

The hell with my grandfather I turned it loose and watched the bull hightail it back to the herd carryin my rope when that rope let go it raised smoke on the saddle horn and as the last turn let go the knot on the end hit the base of my thumb , for those of you whoíve done it nuff said, for those who havenít I dont recommend it, it hurts like hell. Bout now me and the horse parted company and he scrabbled up and took off. I laid there for a while studyin the sky wondering why there were stars out in daylight, I finally got up and wiped blood off my chin and assessed the damage one Resistol hat with the crown parted from the brim shirt ripped all over boot heel and one spur gone elbows skinned up then all the little hurts started hollerin for first place. and my horse taking off over the hill kicking the crap outta my saddle that had slipped round under his belly. it had started out such a great day, I looked south to the parking area too see three cowboys bent over double and holding there ribs and slappin their thighs as the wind carried the sound of their stupid hysterical laughter to my ears. They looked like they were feelin real good.




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